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About AIOZ Network (AIOZ)

AIOZ is a layer-1 blockchain supporting a CDN betting on decentralization as the way forward for higher-quality, cheaper streaming services.

AIOZ (rhymes with Fios) was built in the Cosmos ecosystem. Its dCDN uses P2P edge nodes, also called gateway nodes, for storing, streaming and transferring data, as opposed to relying on traditional data centers. A node is a computer specifically used as an end-user portal for communication with other nodes (i.e. as in with "cluster computing") creating a decentralized network of nodes with edge nodes serving as the access roads; this network of P2P edge nodes will provide "computational, storage, and bandwidth resources in order to store and distribute content," AIOZ said.

AIOZ is the network's native token. It’s used for staking and as a means of payment for network services which also include file sharing and data storage.

Edge nodes are incentivized by the opportunity to accrue tokens. The more they share bandwidth, the higher their AIOZ rewards.

AIOZ empowers dApps; it’s the linchpin to P2P-enabled, less expensive, higher-quality streaming relative to traditional CDNs. Anyone with a computer and an internet connection can run an AIOZ node. Nodes download and upload content, including images, video, audio and text, AIOZ explains.

"These nodes will ensure that media can be distributed and will require the user to share computational resources in order to ensure a highly effective delivery system that is widely distributed and accessible throughout the world,” the network says.

AIOZ nodes will be rewarded for performing computational tasks, amassing/staking AIOZ tokens. The AIOZ blockchain is fully transparent and immutable. And it’s distributed globally, such that when users anywhere in the world access the network, the server physically closest to the user is the one that responds, and does so with optimal speed.

The project is taking aim at a legacy system with glaring drawbacks rooted in their old ways, that is, they are centralized. With streaming platforms (e.g. YouTube) there are several areas of concern, including censorship and unfair distribution of revenue.

The AIOZ team has created dApps on top of the network, including AIOZ Tube, a video-sharing platform similar to YouTube but with the benefits of decentralization.

When was AIOZ created and how much was it worth?

Singapore-based Erman Tjiputra is the CEO and founder of AIOZ, per LinkedIn.

Tjiputra attended Boston College in the mid-1990s, majoring in finance. His earliest node sharing experience came via his involvement with S.E.T.I., a nonprofit research organization providing computational resources to aid in the search for extraterrestrial life. After getting a taste distributed computing at a time when file sharing was at its apex, Tjiputra would eventually meet the engineers who would form the AIOZ team. That was in 2013.

Throughout 2014 and 2015, the AIOZ Research Team wrote several notable whitepapers and research documents.

The official creation of the AIOZ Network was in 2017. It received funding from several notable blockchain venture capital firms, including MV Fuel and Innovion.

The token had a dual launch on Ethereum and BSC, followed by a wider public sale, in April of 2021. At the time, AIOZ traded as high as $2.65, a record price level but it has since steeply declined.

How is the price of AIOZ determined?

Supply and demand dynamics come into play, naturally. The total AIOZ initial supply was set at 1 billion, of which 630 million are currently in circulation.

The blockchain's validator nodes are compensated by mining new tokens equivalent to 9% annual inflation.

That 9% inflation rate will play a factor in the AIOZ value proposition as well as overall market conditions and, of course, at times, the whims of speculators. More information on rewards mechanisms is awaited; clarity in this regard would impact the AIOZ price.

Why does AIOZ have value?

Network node contributors and platform users are incentivized to amass AIOZ. Passive income can be earned for being a node. Anyone with a desktop computer and an internet connection can be a node.

Enablers/users of the platform can engage in staking on the network, earning rewards paid in AIOZ.

If the platform gains traction, demand for AIOZ will increase. If it increases greater than the inflation rate, which would seem to bode well for AIOZ value.

Is AIOZ secure?

The AIOZ Network blockchain is a layer-1 interoperable blockchain compatible with Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM)-enabled smart contracts built on Solidity, a programming language for implementing smart contracts. It should be emphasized: researchers have fingered Solidity bugs and vulnerabilities for past breaches involving Ethereum smart contract communication breakdowns.

AIOZ works with the Inter-Blockchain Communication (IBC) protocol, allowing it to connect to and exchange data and more with other Cosmos-based blockchains. Various blockchain networks have adopted various types of shared security, including optimistic rollups, zk-rollups and sharding, as CryptoSlate has pointed out. Interchain Security is the Cosmos-specific category of shared security, built using the IBC protocol.

"IBC is used by the consumer chain to communicate with the Cosmos Hub and keep track of which validators are participating in the Interchain Security system and report any downtime," CryptoSlate said, adding that the launch of Interchain Security could be Cosmos' most important update.

What are the main benefits of AIOZ?

  • The network boasts being able to deliver higher-quality content faster and less expensively. Imagine decentralized Youtube, Spotify or Netflix with faster download speeds, better streaming quality and new revenue streams for content creators and consumers connecting with advertisers directly. That's what AIOZ says it is aiming to do.
  • By tapping into dormant computing capacity around the world, the network unlocks an emerging decentralized economy centered around streaming.
  • AIOZ's dCDN delivers content – video, audio, games, live streams – faster, removing barriers between creators and their supporters.

What do critics say about AIOZ?

That it is lagging on its roadmap, raising some questions, notes Kalkin TV.

For investors, it’s difficult to value the token, per

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