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About SuperFarm (SUPER)

Billing itself as being a community at the crossroads of decentralized finance (DeFi) and non-fungible tokens (NFTs), SuperFarm is a cross-chain protocol that combines elements of both sectors to foster an ecosystem where NFT creators, collectors and traders can interact in an open marketplace.

SuperFarm is designed to convert any token into an NFT farm, with no code required. According to SuperFarm, the platform features an “innovative suite of visual tools” that allow any project to deploy a new NFT farm with custom rules that incentivize activity.

The Ethereum-run SUPER token powers the network and serves a few purposes within the decentralized ecosystem, per Holders are able to vote on changes to the network. Moreover, SUPER is required for using key features on the platform. SUPER can be staked to earn platform fees (paid in SUPER). SUPER holders also get access to new NFTs issued by platform partners.

Lack of a white paper and sparse details about the team was noted by Blockalive, according to

Who created SUPER?

Elliot Wainman is the co-founder of SuperFarm. Known for crypto blogging and for being the founder of a trading platform, EllioTrades, Wainman worked for Tictoklabs from 2013 to 2016, according to his LinkedIn profile.

The project’s first private funding round of $1.1 million was led by, Spark Digital Capital, GBV Capital, Solidity Ventures and Animoca Brands, according to PTPWallet.

When was SUPER created and how much was it worth?

SuperFarm launched on Ethereum in late March of 2021. It immediately soared to an all-time high of about $4.75, according to CoinGecko. Within a few months, SUPER fell to below $0.30.

How is the price of SUPER determined?

There is a maximum supply of 1 billion tokens, of which 10% were issued publicly. According to, SuperFarm now has a circulating supply of 400 million coins, the bulk of which are used for staking and for paying fees. If the NFT market continues to grow, SUPER could be positioned to increase in price.

Why does SUPER have value?

The project is targeting “crypto’s first billion users.” It wants to provide a home for NFT Farming mixed with crypto-to-crypto farming on a platform that is as easy to use as Uber, SuperFarm says.

SuperFarm has forecast that more than 2 billion gamers worldwide will provide “the most immediate mainstream use case for NFTs within video games” in the years ahead. SUPER as the coin of an NFT-minting realm would ostensibly be positioned to experience a price rise, especially when considering the cap on supply.

What are the main benefits of SUPER? 

  • SuperFarm says that it provides a simple set of building blocks that can empower any project to add new utility to their tokens and connect to mainstream products.
  • The platform says that it is set to “revolutionize DeFi and NFT” sectors by providing a custom NFT marketplace deployment platform as easy to use as Uber.
  • The expansion of digital asset farming for non-technical users will allow for DeFi innovation, creating "an ocean of value," the project says.
  • SuperFarm will act as a link between crypto ecosystems and the gaming industry. It aims to support collectible tokens for use in games. With NFTs from SuperFarm, users gain access to the video game experience and limited edition items. Members can use and exchange their assets.
  • Discoverability is a key feature of SuperFarm, the platform says, and a differentiator between it and others in the NFT/gaming space. “We do more than simply allowing users to launch NFT and crypto farms; we provide the tools and community necessary for them to thrive.”

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