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Reclaim your data so you can talk, learn, & earn when you choose.

UBDI is on a mission to empower people with their data as we work together to create a Universal Basic Data Income. To get there, we built a safe place where you can anonymously communicate, learn, and earn from your data with communities of people like you.

Here’s how UBDI works:

1) Link Sources

Start making your data work for you by linking sources and reclaiming the digital assets from across your life. With a private, encrypted data bank that only you can access, you can safely store digital assets from social sources like Twitter, entertainment sources like YouTube and Spotify, financials, wearables, and even gaming sources like Steam. Once your data is linked, UBDI goes to work by generating verified traits about you can add, accept, or reject.

Join Tribes

Your data and traits allow you to join exclusive interest groups called Tribes, with people who have also been verified like you! For example, to join our gaming tribe, users must connect their Steam or Twitch account to enter.

Inside your tribes, you can post links, photos, and videos to get a pulse on what others are thinking while leveraging the same platform that Fortune 500 brands use for research to learn about the world and the people in it. Once results are in for a particular poll, you can filter responses to understand better “who” actually thinks “what” based on verified traits.

Use your data to back you up and stay anonymous as you pick your persona from your digital trains in every tribe. Build clout and back up your claims, by publicly displaying the traits you are most proud of. For example, in our investor tribe, you may show your stock holdings, or in our gaming tribe, you may choose to share your most impressive gaming statistics.

Our goal is to protect your identity while sharing the traits that build your clout and your digital persona.

2) Learn About Yourself

Learn personal insights about yourself by analyzing your digital footprint from the sources you like! Let your data tell you a story and find out what tech companies know about you from your data, with personalized stories updated weekly. For example, by linking Netflix, you can discover how much of your favorite show you binged or by linking Amazon, you can see how much you support small businesses versus big tech.

3) Earn

At the core of the UBDI app, your data will match you with opportunities to earn cash. You can get paid when brands want to get in front of your tribe with personalized ads and offers, as we use your data to increase the value of your tribe’s attention. We’ll even help you earn through community data competition, where you can earn by just living!