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Integrate our API

Use the open API to help automate your business payment flows, or extend Uphold’s full functionality to your users with our open API.

Uphold’s API: Secure Support for Global Business

Leverage Uphold’s open API to offer your customers seamless access to trading in crypto, fiat, and U.S. equities, enhancing your service offerings and operational efficiency.

Who we serve:
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Money Contract
Payment Processors
Web3 Projects

Our key capabilities

Global payouts

Enable worldwide payments to employees or suppliers in crypto or FX, simplifying participation in the burgeoning gig economy.

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Global pay-ins

Accept crypto and FX from global customers, ensuring they can pay in their preferred currency while you receive what you need.

Payment Options
More payment options

Users can create and connect Uphold wallets to transfer funds to your business.

Treasury management

Many now view crypto as a strategic treasury asset. Our platform simplifies buying, holding, and selling 51 digital assets, along with seamless FX conversions.

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White label solutions

Leverage Uphold for behind-the-scenes liquidity, conducting instant trades across multiple currencies while controlling the customer experience.

Uphold API Partners

Enhance Uphold account functionality with approved third-party app integration.

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Become an App partner
Feature your product in our App Center and enhance your visibility as an Uphold partner. This offers users added functionality from their Uphold accounts.
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API Transaction Fees

  • Businesses often have different needs and economics that require a custom pricing structure. Contact our Enterprise team and let’s discuss how we can help meet the needs of your business.

Developer resources

API Documentation

All the documentation you need to create custom and revolutionary new services powered by the Uphold Platform.

Uphold Sandbox

A development environment for building and testing applications, which does not use real money.
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Contract Agreement
Developer Agreement

The terms that govern your development using the Uphold Platform.

Use cases application

Tradeview case study


Tradeview provides online fund solutions to a broad range of traders and investors around the world. In certain markets, the costs and timing of funding a Tradeview account can be problematic. Banks charge hidden exchange fees and fund settlement can take days.



Tradeview integrated into Uphold's APIs to provide its clients an easy, fast and inexpensive way to fund Tradeview accounts in any of Uphold's digital assets. A customer in Japan can now fund their Tradeview account in Bitcoin in seconds rather than days for a fraction of the cost to wire those funds via a bank.

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