Risks Specific to Holding Digital Assets - Canada

Last updated Jun 23, 2023

  • This Digital Asset Risk Statement (“Statement”) is for our customers (or “Users”) who are residents of, or who access our Platform from, Canada and is incorporated by reference into the online Terms of Service (“Terms”) that you understand and accept upon the opening of your Uphold account. This Statement outlines certain risks you must consider before you decide to participate in the Digital Asset ecosystem. This Statement is a non-exhaustive list of risks associated with the purchase and trading of digital assets. Please seek independent advice from your financial advisor or accountant to understand whether any financial investment in digital assets is suitable for you with consideration to your knowledge, experience, financial objectives and financial resources. 

    Digital assets are highly volatile and you may rapidly lose all or a portion of your investment. Nothing in this Statement or displayed on the Uphold Website or Platform should be construed as investment advice.