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Our advanced course offers expert-level insights into how blockchains evolve and sophisticated trading techniques.

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Lesson 1
3 min
What is decentralized finance? An introduction as to what decentralized finance is.
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Lesson 2
6 min
What are staking rewards?An introduction as to what staking rewards are, and how these incentives earned by individuals participating in blockchain networks can earn these by holding and validating cryptocurrencies.
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Lesson 3
4 min
What is a market maker?Understand how a market maker participates in financial markets, providing liquidity by buying and selling assets to facilitate trading and attempt to profit from the spread.
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Lesson 4
3 min
What are staking pools?An introduction as to what staking pools are, and how cryptocurrency holders can combine their assets to increase their chances of earning staking rewards.
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Lesson 5
3 min
What is leveraged trading?An introduction as to what leveraged trading is, and how the process of borrowing funds to amplify potential returns, or losses in some cases, can enable traders to gain larger positions with smaller capital in
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Lesson 6
4 min
What are candlestick charts?An introduction as to what candlestick charts are, and how these can be used in technical analysis to visualize price movements of financial assets.
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Lesson 7
4 min
What is the ERC-20 token standard?An introduction as to what the ERC-20 token standard is, and how it supports tokens being created and interacting with one another within the Ethereum ecosystem.
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Lesson 8
5 min
What are smart contracts?Explore the power and influence of smart contracts, the self-executing digital contract with the potential to transform how parties make agreements between one another using blockchain technology.
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Lesson 9
4 min
What are ICOs?An introduction as to what ICOs are, and how the fundraising mechanism is leveraged within the blockchain sector to raise capital for projects.
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Lesson 10
7 min
How does a blockchain decide its future direction?An analysis as to how a blockchain decides its future direction and the role of decentralized governance.
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